Invite your friends over to an art gallery of shoes and handbags that will be on display at your home for one night…

Open an exclusive boutique that your friends can access by invite only


By clicking the “BOOK NOW” button, you are accepting the terms and conditions set out in our Boutique Night Terms.


Ay Amor Boutique Nights 2019 from Susana Campos on Vimeo.


Hear about the artisanal work behind every piece and have a closer look at the meaning, art and experience of traditional shoemakers.

As a Boutique owner, receive cash and discounts that you can use towards fabulous wearable art as our way to thank you for supporting the artisans that create these timeless unique pieces.

Don’t worry, this is not a multi-level marketing deal (aka pyramid scheme). We do NOT sell memberships to your girlfriends or ask them to join a sales team. 

Boutique Nights are a great excuse to have a wine night with your girls and enjoy the glam of owning your own boutique while giving them access to exclusive designs and pricing! Prices at your boutique are lower than the prices we offer in our online store.




Let's get all dolled up and throw an epic Boutique Night together!

You win by never spending money in shoes and accessories again, your friends win by you saving the annoying trips to the mall, our society wins while we support fair trade and slow fashion and at Ay Amor, we'll be forever grateful for having you join this journey!


Ay Amor Boutique Nights from Ay Amor on Vimeo.


Share and celebrate our purpose, your Boutique Night will make an impact!

Ay Amor will accept donations of gently used clothing and shoes in support of Dress for Success. We believe in giving back as a human right everyone should practice.

Cancellations allowed up to 48 hours in advance.