Ay Amor Fall Photoshoot from Kruso on Vimeo
There is a story behind every pair of handcrafted shoes. Ay Amor exists to bring you these shoes and the untold stories about the talented designers and artisans who create the art we wear.
Ay Amor was created for those that want to wear different, refreshing and artistic footwear that can’t be found at every mall, where the rest of the crowd goes.
Our mission is to bring you outstanding, affordable, and well made shoes to Canada.  We want you to break free from mass produced and meaningless footwear.
We search to find uncommon designs that will make you fall in love every time you wear them. Hence our name, “Ay Amor!” (Oh Love!). You will wear more than just a pretty pair of shoes. You’ll wear the art, the tradition and the hard work of inspiring shoemakers!