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Earn money by wearing, selling and sharing the passion for what we love the most:

Unique and outstanding SHOES!

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You have arrived to the right place, SHOE HEAVEN!

This is your door to it... a place that all shoeaholics have been looking for: one where you will earn money by wearing, selling and sharing a passion for what we love most ... SHOES.

EXTRA INCOME. Earn up to 40% commissions on sales, plus cash bonuses and more while selling products that every girl will absolutely love.

Caution! This is not an MLM style of sales or pyramid scheme program.

FLEXIBILITY. Create the life you want. Ay Amor wants you to have a flexible, fun, and social way to earn income by selling artistic products that will inspire you and your customers.

ZERO RISK. No need to drop big money to start your own biz or annoy your friends with some crazy pyramid scheme. That’d really suck!

Share the inspiration behind each design and the lives of the artisans who make them. Join the journey of a family that you are about to be part of. Are you ready?

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