Often the shoes we wear come from distant countries with cultures that are foreign to us. Behind every handmade pair of shoes are the stories and lives of those inspired to create them. Ay Amor exists to bring you these shoes and the stories behind the art we wear.


We are opening the door to break free from mass produced and meaningless footwear.

Ay Amor is a young Canadian shoe company founded by Susana Campos. Her family has been in the shoe business for over 50 years.  Her passion is shoes, her heritage is Mexican and she is a proud Canadian! With her background, Susana is able to source remarkable footwear from reputable and ethical designers and producers in Mexico.

Connect with us if you wish to learn more about Ay Amor and the unique designs we bring to Canada.

Phone:  (403) 613-2012

E-mail:  susana@ayamor.ca